About Freewebsite

What exactly is the Freewebsite?

Freewebsite is a website builder that is aimed at getting businesses online, quickly and affordably. It requires no HTML or coding knowledge whatsoever. Freewebsite is owned by Peak and Dale.

How do I create my own freewebsite account?

To get started visit this link

Follow the steps as prompted, once you make an order you will be able to install the product on your Cpanel and build the website that you desire

Will freewebsite Service work on my mobile device?

Yes, the freewebsite is a responsive product, meaning that it should should adapt to any device

Setting Up Your Website

How do i create a website for free?

To create a website for free,

  1. Click the sign up button on freewebsite.co.ke and proceed to purchase your domain and hosting account
  2. Once signed up, login to your cPanel account using the provided username and password
  3. Once logged in ,click on “build and Manage” at the top of the cPanel screen to start
  4. You will be led to a page where you can now install the website on your domain
  5. The installation process also gives you an option to select the kind of template that you may want to use as a starting point.
  6. The next step is putting your website together using the intuitive web builder.