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Freelancer? Here’s how it works

Our partner program allows you to make money by referring customers to sign up for FreeWebsite. When a client signs up, we give you a commission. You can also make additional money by building the website on behalf of your client. Sounds good?

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Joining is free and easy. Simply register on our portal and click to join as an affiliate. You will receive a unique link to use to begin signing up clients.


The system is fully automated. All amounts earned are displayed on your client area. You will receive a comprehensive report every month.


You will earn 10% commission on every sale. The amount is automatically added and updated on your account for you to view.


Payouts are made on a monthly basis. Simply submit a withdrawal request to get your cash.

Web developer? Want to earn even more?

If you are a web developer, you can earn even extra money by creating the website on behalf of your client. You can create a website in minutes with our easy to use and friendly web builder.  Sign up your clients on the FreeWebsite platform and charge them to quickly build the website for them. FreeWebsite has everything your client needs to get a stunning website in minutes. Sounds good?

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